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Social Work

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 Navigating the Health and Aged Care Service System
A Personalised Approach

Momentum Social Work was developed to help you navigate the aged care service system and connect with the right supports to suit your individual needs.

With extensive community-based knowledge and health social work experience, we are here to help you understand your options, rights and entitlements to enable you to maximise your independence, quality of life and wellbeing.

Working alongside a person and, (where applicable), their family, allows us to offer personalised care coordination and advocacy with service-providers to enhance your autonomy and overcome barriers seeking assistance.

About Us

Momentum Social Work was founded by Mariana Sudbury, a social worker with over 15 years experience in hospital and community-based care and a passion for supporting older people and their families. Mariana saw a need for better accessibility to offer comprehensive and specialised community-based  support. Having worked within the acute, sub-acute and ambulatory setting, Mariana and the Momentum Team bring a strong understanding of the client journey including a broad range of interventions to optimise client outcomes.

Therapy Sessions
Completing Powers of Attorney (POA) + Advanced Care Planning (ACP) Directives

A power of attorney gives you choice and control over who makes decisions for you when you are no longer able to do so. 

Advanced Care Planning allows a person to express their preferences to inform future medical treatment if they become unable to participate.

Utilising Multi-Disciplinary Teams 

Collaborating with a multi-disciplinary team offers shared skills + expertise. This can improve care coordination and health outcomes. 

Accessing  Hospital Outpatient Services 

With long-term public and private hospital experience we can offer advice regarding eligibility for outpatient clinics and services. 

Applying to VCAT for Guardianship + Administration 

Guardianship + Administration orders are made by the Victorian Civil + Administrative Tribunal (VCAT). These orders are a last resort if there is no other alternative to protect and promote the human rights of an adult with a disability.

Identifying + Screening for Elder Abuse 

Screening for elder abuse and other types of family violence is undertaken to identify those at risk of, or experiencing, various forms of abuse.

Therapy Sessions

Getting Help

We offer a holistic approach and take time to understand your individual needs. Our aim is to support you in getting the care you need and to promote independence and quality of life. 

Get in touch today and talk to us about how we can help you. 

Social work - aged care
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